Saturday, January 02, 2016

my apologies for not updateing my artworks broken links. i will put this on my to do list.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3D Printer project

I'm working on building a 3D printer. A complete do it yourself on the cheap build. My ideas were simple on how to save money:
1: old 'I.D.E.' 'CD-ROM', 'DVD-ROM', 'CD-RW', 'Floppy', drives (the older ones had larger stepper motors in them) have stepper motors in them and a motor control board already there. And a lot of people throw these old drives out along with the computer they were in, so this could be a free source for hardware ('stepper motors','stepper motor control board','power supply',and maybe the 'computer' still works).
2: I could use a 'multimeter' to find the 'I.D.E.' pins carrying the 'control signal', by tapping into a 'CD-ROM' drives 'I.D.E. cable' while playing a 'audio cd' and selecting 'next track' I could find the pins in use and determine if its 'voltage' would be too much for the computers 'microphone jack' to handle. If voltage range is O.K. then having found all active pins I could wire each pin at 'one at a time' to the 'mirophone jack' and record its 'digital control signal'. Having these signals i could send stepper motor control directions via sound card(multi channel prefered, stereo=two channels), or by the parallel port.
3: Researching other peoples projects to build a 3D printer let me see more cheap solutions:
A gantry with x, y, and z axis using only hardware store drawer slides
Making linear glides from drawer slides
Ideas for 3D printer gantry's
Mini CNC table made from computer parts
Homemade cnc router
Possible source for pre made parts, small modifications needed
20 Piece Solid Carbide Micro drill Bit Grab Bag for drilling the extruder hole
3D printer build ideas and plans
more ideas and shortcuts:
using recycled materials
Parallel port pinouts
Control of Stepping Motors
disk drive stepper-motors
$10ish DIY Variable Temp Soldering Iron Controller for variable temperature extruder hotend on the cheap (I already made this)
brute Force Stepper Driver (PARALLEL port)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


   Fellowship LOGO  

I made a custom Alcoholics anonymous logo as a AA newsletter submision. in the zip is a .psd (photoshop) and a .jpg (size: 300x296) with all layers in case you may want to made anything out of is parts.

                              Williamsburg winter

Description: a scan of a Freehand painted acrillic on canvas painting i did recently.1280x1024.png for wallpapers, and a 4060x3240 .jpeg for high DPI printing.

                         Winter Birch

ContractArtist on deviantART

description: 2096x1579.bmp copy of a acrillic painting I did recently

                       Pink Flowers2

Pink_flowers2 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

Click here to download at 1024x768

Click here to download at 1600x1200

Click here to download HUGE PRINT

This freehand is acrillic on canvas, with sand for texture.

Dark_swirl by ~ContractArtist on deviantARTTwo sizes in zip 1280x1024 and 1024x768. I used used Legion_Vector_Brushes_by_Legionpolski in this wallpaper.



                  Pink_flowers by ~ContractArtist on deviantART


Icelean by ~ContractArtist on deviantART


                Good morning

                   Good morning by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

                              The Isle

                                     The Isle by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

1024x768 .jpeg made with mojoworld. Mojoworld planet file is in .zip .
I made this simple world walking someone though the user turned out good enough to share.


                         Butterfly_on_flower by ~ContractArtist on deviantART
This is acrillic on canvas

Click here to download Butterfly_on_flower HIGH RESOLUTION 300 DPI 8x10 sutable for printing


                      Space E-27

space E-27 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART
1280X768 made with mojoworld. Mojoworld planet file is in the zip, please make changes to it if you want to use it for your own art, or I ask you link back to me.


                           Space E-26

                                        Space E-26 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

Description:1280x960 Made with Mojoworld, and edited with photoshop for smoke and lava effects.


                  Space E-25

                 Space E-25 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

                        Space E-24

                         Space E-24 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

                   Space E-23

                     Space E-23 by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

            Space E-22

        Space E-21

      Space E-20

        Space E-17

               Space E-14

                Space E-13

             Space E-12

                             Space E-11

Description: I introduce to you ........ space E ....... my space theme wallpaper series starting with STELLAR IMPACT. All are in 1600x1200 for those who would like to print their own posters, which all of these will be someday.


Dark_night by ~ContractArtist on deviantART


                      Dark_day by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

      Spring days wallpaper pack

Spring days wallpaper pack by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

      Morning in the outlands

Morning in the Outlands by ~ContractArtist on deviantART

                       Flame of Motivation

Description: Getting back into art, after a tragic loss of data. All my other projects got erased in a partitioning accident, beyond data recovery software ,recovery. I spent 3weeks scaning all the clusters on my 60GB drive and found nothing. Somehow it was erased. Make sure you have ALL of your important folders in your backup jobs. My desktop folder was sadly not included.

                  polar sunrise

Description: Made with Mojoworld. 1600x1200


Description: Made with photoshop and Apophysis, and a photo from Kennith. Kenniths original photo can be downloaded hereLINK

                     Deeper Impact

Deeper Impact by ~ContractArtist on deviantART


Description: 1600x1200 I had kchristine in mind when I made this. I'm doing art more now than ever before because of a sense of competition, and encouragement. Thanks everyone! You make me strive for excellence, you have insilled in me a passion.


                                   Guiding Light

Description: I have several people I have showed this to and can't tell that; It is an angel holding a star! Enjoy!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Free services

My artwork This is a slideshow of my art gallery, more pictures to come...


Need a custom e107 theme or custom web site? Just ask. I can make them,
free. I only ask for a very detailed description, drawings and other
ideas to aid in it's creation, and about 30 days or more depending on
complexity. All the wallpapers, and screensavers here are made by me
and can be downloaded and used to Customize your desktop FREE. I only
ask you don't sell them or claim copyright ownership. I also will acept
donations, I will happily take your old computers, cell phones, or other
digital devices....

send e-mail to

Alien GUI's

AlienGUIse™ Theme Manager is powered by MyColors™ technology from Stardock® and dramatically transforms the appearance of your Microsoft® Windows® operating system into a truly unique display, and features exclusive Alienware-centered skins like, Invader, Darkstar™, ALXMorph™, and the new Xenomorph™.

These sleek and stylish Alienware skins vividly alter the appearance of desktop features such as your icons, wallpaper, and Windows Media Player.

Note: Xenomorph was created by Stardock Design™. Alienware Invader, ALXMorph and DarkStar were created by The Skins Factory.

AlienGUIse is only compatible with Windows XP.

Unlimited 2GB Web pages

Ever wanted to have your own website? Ever wanted to have more than 1? Now you can sign up for a webmaster acount and NO_STRINGS_ATTACHED get to make an UNLIMITED number of websites each 6GB in size, and manage them all from one control panel.

I've tested this servive and it is true. How long it is offered is the question! And the long term hosting is unreliable if you should never come back to log in or answer the "last notice of inactivity,.. will result in site deletion".